The sickest 20-foot boat in watersports history is back and ready to rumble. The all-new Axis A20 has been redesigned from the hull up for 2016. Renowned for its wicked agility and precision, this “little monster” is easy on the bank account and built to shred better than ever, with a new wake-and-wave-maximizing hull, all-new interior, deeper storage, and an amazing array of across-the-board 2016 upgrades, leaving the competition far behind. Unequaled access and agility are all yours with the A20. This wake specialist features incredible handling and premium vinyl seating for as many as 11 people, plus it’s easily towed and stashed in your average garage. Nowhere else will you find a go-anywhere, do-anything boat that, at this size, can still kick up such a massive wake—especially with our Auto-Set Wedge—and peel off huge waves with our revolutionary, hydraulic Surf Gate, the first and still best wave-making technology in the industry. And with this reinvented beast, there’s never any reason to fear the chop; the A20 doesn’t get tossed around like others in its class, thanks to dialed ballast control, a cutting hull, and superior V-drive propulsion.
Length 20' / 6.10m Beam 98" / 2.5m Draft 27" / 0.7m Seating 11 persons Weight Cap 1,551 lbs. / 704 kg Weight 3,500 lbs. / 1,588 kg Fuel Cap 42 gallons / 159L Hull Type Wake Plus Std Torque 350 Max Torque 450 Std Ballast 800 lbs. / 363 kg Max Ballast 3,450 lbs. / 1,565 kg
Total Length w/o Platform: 21'7"/6.62m with platform removed, wedge down, and trailer tongue folded. Total Length w/ Platform: 23'3"/7.10m with platform installed and trailer tongue folded. Total Height on trailer: 7'2"/2.2m (tower folded down, no hoop, no racks) Total Width on trailer: 8'6"/2.59m with guide posts.
Axis Wake | A22 BEAUTIFUL BEAST Monster wakes and waves come standard with the all-new Axis Wake Research A22. Redesigned from scratch—with a new wake-and-wave-maximizing hull—this aggressive 22-footer is built to create the perfect playground for wakeboarders and -surfers of all skill levels. And with the revolutionary Surf Gate, you can ride a customized wave and easily transfer from side to side. This is no wake- or surf-only boat; its versatility always shines through, no matter what activity you’re engaged in. The control panel lets the driver dial in the perfect speed and wake every time, whether they’re towing a top athlete or a kid out to get their first taste of big air. Hardcore pros go after this boat for it’s perfect, solid wake, but its clean lines and aggressive styling don’t hurt, either. The A22 boasts a striking exterior, with sharp new hull graphics and three new metal-flake gel color options, but it’s also plush and roomy on the inside, with a 102-inch beam and comfortable, upgraded vinyl seating for as many as 15 people. And for 2016, the A22 features a new interior, walk-through bow, Livorsi shifter, and drop-in Igloo cooler, while the new Axis tower gets a Z5 hard-shell bimini with surfboard and rope storage. Upgrade options include high-fidelity Wet Sounds speakers and amps, Zero Off GPS Cruise, rider-facing Chillax seating, and the bold graphics of the Liquid Force edition.
Length 21'11" / 6.68m Beam 102" / 2.5m Draft 27" / 0.7m Seating 15 persons Weight Cap 2,115 lbs/959 kg Weight 4,000 lbs/1,814 kg Fuel Cap 42 gallons / 159L Hull Type Wake Plus Std Torque 350 Max Torque 550 Std Ballast 900 lbs/408 kg Max Ballast 3,650 lbs/1,656 kg
A22 Boat Specs
- Specifications may vary depending on trailer choice.
Total Length w/o Platform: 23'2" / 7.07m with platform removed, wedge down, and trailer tongue folded Total Length w/ Platform: 25'2" / 7.68m with platform installed and trailer tongue folded Total Height on trailer: 7'5" / 2.29m (tower folded down) Total Width on trailer: 8'11" / 2.72m at guide posts
A22 Trailer Specs